Today I tried to plank.

So here we are! My very first blog post. I’ve never had a way with words so please bare with me.

I’m currently sat watching ‘This Morning’ with Atlas attached to my boob while I type with one hand (everything seems to be done one handed nowadays). I have sick on my shoulder and I’m staring at last night’s dishes on the kitchen counter yet I’m just sat scrolling through other peoples Instagram accounts. As I’m browsing through the #7weeksold tag I can’t help but wonder how all these other women seem to have their shit together 7 weeks after having a baby; saying things like ‘I can’t believe little Johnny slept the whole way through, off to do an hour long workout at the gym #feelingrefreshed #gymmom…’ etc. etc. etc. My  New Years resolution this year was to stop comparing myself and my life to other people’s. That lasted all of two minutes, but I am still trying!


Instagram has been a brilliant way for me to find ideas and also is a great escape when Atlas has wound me up to the point of crying (it happens A LOT). However the above quote rings true, Instagram isn’t reality and I must keep reminding myself that these women I follow, although brilliant, I only see a snippet of their life and maybe they haven’t got their shit together as much as I think.

However, one lady did inspire me to attempt to plank while kissing the baby today, it lasted all of 2 seconds but hey its progress from sitting on the sofa all day!

Anyway, trying to summaries this post, to try and justify why I’m actually posting it at all, is life on social media isn’t always as it seems and one shouldn’t try and aspire to achieve the unachievable. I will continue to walk around with sick on my shoulder for the rest of the day, my baby won’t sleep through the night, my Mummy belly will still be streaked with stretch marks and instead of attempting to complete 50 squats whilst holding Atlas in my arms I will probably eat a packet of chocolate hobnobs. But thats OKAY, there’s always tomorrow!


A x


One thought on “Today I tried to plank.

  1. Hi there, don’t feel bad that you are not ‘performing’ as other moms. For example, I am one of those who go running and do yoga (maybe I had easier birth than you) and who has baby slept through the night (maybe the baby is just ‘easier’ while my next one will be a crying one). However, just the other day, when I felt particularly shi**y about some other issue, I realized how brilliant my insta pics look! Wowzie – I envied this ‘myself’. Conclusion indeed: don’t trust instagram, indeed very dangerous!

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