My baby essentials…and not so essentials

Well it’s been a long time since I started this blog and i’ve only managed to do one post!

Who knew it was hard to get time on a computer with a newborn?!

It’s Sunday and William, Atty and Pascal are all asleep on the sofa so I thought I’d take the opportunity to sit down and do some writing. I’ve seen a few of these posts about what people are grateful for and what they didn’t really need when they had a baby so I thought I’d do my own.

First here’s a picture of my current view:


Cute right?!

Ok so here are the things I have found invaluable over the past 3 months:

  1. This has to go top of my list because it is literally sent from heaven…Ewan. I’m sure most mothers nowadays have heard of Ewan the Dream Sheep who comes into your life and turns your sleep refusing monster into a sleepful (is that a word?!) angel (and it turn turns Mummy from a zombie into…well a little bit less like a zombie). When people told me to get Ewan I didn’t believe he would work, but I was willing to try anything, and he genuinely worked like witchcraft! It helped Atty change from waking every couple of hours to going 5 before he needed a feed. I will buy every single one of my friends a Ewan when they get pregnant. He is everything.
    He looks like this: research-ewanif you click on him it will send you to a site to buy him 🙂
  2. Chicco Next 2 Me: When we first bought Atty home from the hospital we tried to put him in his cot straight away. He couldn’t bare to be swaddled and was too small for sleeping bags so he spent the majority of the night trying to kick his blankets off and crying. Being a breastfeeding Mummy meant the night feeds were always my responsibility and I became so tired that I would fall asleep with him attached to my booby sat up in bed at night, which I know is super frowned upon but sometimes you just can’t help it. So one day I decided to invest in a next 2 me and everything changed. Atty was still feeding 4 or 5 times in the night but I was able to stay awake long enough to flop him in his crib next to me instead of having to drag myself out of bed to put him down. He is still sleeping in it now at 3 months (although I think that is me not wanting to let him go into his big cot!) Here’s what it looks like and again I’ll attach a link to the picture of where to buy.
  3. fullMy husband (coming to all stores near you!)- I genuinely feel like I couldn’t have gone through this journey without Mr K. he has been my shoulder to cry on, my person to tell me if I’m being unreasonable and the man to know when he needs to take the crying baby away from me because it’s got too much. Single Mum’s I am in complete awe of you all, you truly are super women. I won’t say much more because I would hate to offend anyone. But here he is…


Ok and my non-essentials, I feel like this list may be slightly longer.

  1. A carry cot attachment for the pram. I think we used the carry cot for approx 1 month before Atty went into the seated part of his pram. I’m sure there are lots of babies who get good use out of the carry cot, but Atty was big enough and nosey enough to go into the chair and we found he got frustrated not being able to see out of the sides. We also didn’t travel very far in the first few months so it wasn’t needed for a travel cot, which was the original reason why we bought it.
  2. A sling. I had this idea that I was going to be a baby wearing Mummy. I still want to be one! But I have an 18lb 3 month old and a bad back and they just don’t mix. Working in care my whole life has made my back weak and it just can’t handle carrying Atty around in it. I think I used it twice? I wish I could use it more because it would be lovely to be able to take the dog out for a walk in the woods rather than having to find something with a path to push the buggy on.
  3. A cot, as you have ready above Atty still isn’t in his cot at 3 months old. When I was pregnant I wanted to get everything straight away but thinking back now I would have waited to get the cot when he was ready to go into it rather than it just collecting dust in my bedroom.
  4. A bath positioner- I am lucky that Will is always home for bath time so one of us has always got in the bath with Atty, it allows us to have it deeper so he can splash around more. Now he’s older we just fill it a small amount and he splashes around in the bottom of the bath my himself and loves it.
  5. CONTROVERSIAL! But my next item is baby books…I have about 5 unread baby books sat on my shelf that have never been read. Google and applications have been far more valuable to me than those, I also like to go with my gut when my son is concerned. I’m a qualified nurse and know about signs of illnesses etc. I don’t need a book to tell me that I should be leaving my baby to cry until he vomits because he needs to learn how to self sooth thank you very much.

I think i’m done. I’m sure there’s probably more but i’m sat on the floor and my back is hurting and hubby and baby have started stirring!

A x


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