Rocking Motherhood


I’ve been tagged by the lovely How to grow a person ( to write a blog on why i’m rocking motherhood.

I’ll try and think of 10 things but we’ll see how it goes. I’m writing this on my phone while bubs and the doggy sleep on me there’s a high chance one of them will wake up and I’ll have to stop half way through so sorry if I repeat myself! I don’t read these blog posts back I just post them so sorry for any inconsistencies!

1. We get out of the house every day (unless one of us isn’t well). About 4 weeks after Atty was born I had a day where I became so anxious that I sobbed all day. I was convinced that someone was going to die. Me, Atty, Will, Pascal, one of me parents? I didn’t know who but I was convinced it was going to happen. Thankfully Mr K was able to come back from work that day and support me and I felt so much better. But I swore to myself that day that we would try and get out of the house every single day- even if it was just to take Pascal for a walk for both mine and the babies sanity.

2. Nearly 15 weeks post birth and I am still lucky enough to be breast feeding. I know that it isn’t for everybody and I know how lucky I am to be able to still be feeding my little boy. Plus it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than formula! It’s not always easy when no one else can take the reins and feed him for me but I value our time together. I’m also a big possessive of the baby and i’m glad I can sometimes take him away from the world so it’s just me and him if he needs feeding.

3. Sometimes i’m selfish. Doesn’t sound like i’m rocking motherhood very much by saying that but thinking about myself every once in a while makes me into a better mother and an all round better person. Although I still haven’t left the house without Atty I don’t think twice about asking Will to have him for a couple of hours so I can stew myself in the bath and chill. It’s important to remember that you’re a person as well as a milk making machine.

4. I support other Mummies. I have made wonderful friends from my NCT group and I also have a Facebook group of 60 women who feel like friends I have never met. I support them when they have concerns or problems and in turn they support me. Because we all rock!

5. I love my baby with every single part of me. That’s pretty self explanatory. He’s my world.

6. I don’t care that my house looks like a complete shit tip. Seriously it’s gross. But I’ll get round to it one day. If Mr K comes home from work and asks how my day is I can honestly say I spent every second making sure our little boy is entertained, fed, and feels loved and i’m pretty proud of that.

I’m struggling now and I need to meet Mr K for lunch. That’s for reading my drivel about why i’m rocking motherhood. I’ll tag some other bloggers on instagram to tell the world 10 reasons why they’re rocking it too!

A x


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