Competitive Parenting

Hi all!

For anyone who follows my instagram stories you have probably already heard my views on this but i’m going to write it down too. It probably won’t be very eloquently put and as I’ve said before I type this out and don’t read it back until after it’s published because if not I get bogged down in worrying about how it sounds and it would never get published.

So let’s get to it, ‘competitive’ parenting. I’ve been feeling lately that due to worrying about people thinking I may be trying to be competitive I have found myself putting Atlas down and actually making out that he’s a bad baby. To be frank i’m getting a little tired of it. Why should I have to put my baby down because people think i’m comparing him to their child? I’m really not. I haven’t even got time to brush my hair most days let alone sit and think if my baby is ‘better’ than someone else’s.

Your baby is sleeping through the night? BRILLIANT! I’m so happy for you. Mine is a pain in the arse when it comes to sleeping. But no I don’t think that makes your baby BETTER than mine. Just developing differently. My 4 month old is sitting unsupported now for a couple of minutes and has brilliant head control. Yours may not be doing that yet. But NO I don’t think that your baby isn’t developing as ‘well’ as mine! I think they’re developing DIFFERENTLY!

Can you imagine if there was just a checklist we went through in life that every single person followed?

40 weeks pregnant- baby born

4 weeks old- baby smiles

3 months old- sleeps through the night

6 months- crawling

9 months- walking

12 months- talking

20- married

22- had a baby

and the cycle starts over.

How dull.

So please when a fellow mummy is proud of an achievement their little one has made let’s congratulate her and her child and not put them down or bitch behind their backs- the world would be a much better place if we were all just nice.

A x

ps here’s a photo of Atty sitting up this morning! Isn’t that good?!



One thought on “Competitive Parenting

  1. Lovely photo of Atty. I was the same, a friends little one is a week a head of mine, yet he could crawl and stand up it was made out that he was a super baby… yet Austin was strong on his legs but couldn’t do any crawling or standing for long periods of time. Every baby is different and me as a mum I’m learning all these new thing. FYI Austin’s 1 in May and I still don’t get time to brush my hair! Hehe

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