My Pregnancy

So where to start, at the beggining I guess? 

The day after we conceived the baby I went into work and told my boss in a jokey way ‘we made a baby last night!’ How little did I know how accurate I was! 

Less than two weeks later I got the feintest positive test while Will was on holiday skiing. It was so feint I didn’t even bother telling William. I’ll show you a picture. I convinced myself I had ‘line eyes’ 

I even posted this picture on a ‘look at my pregnancy test, do you think i’m pregnant site’ and checked constantly on the poll to see what other people thought. Most said pregnant with a couple of people thinking it was an evap line. 

The day after once I had finished work I did a test that actually said the words ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’. Obviously we all know what the result were because i’m writing a blog post about pregnancy!

My first reaction was ‘what have we done?!’ Were we ready for this? We didn’t even own our own house! We’re getting married in 4 months! I couldn’t even ring William to tell him as he was on the slopes. Straight on the phone to my Mum who had a VERY similar reaction to me. She definitely knew it was coming but there was an element of ‘oh my god really?!’ there. 

I’ve always been a paranoid person, I don’t think that will ever change. I instantly got the miscarriage stats up based on how many weeks pregnant you are and week by week I watched the percentages go down. I paid for a private scan at 7 weeks to make sure that everything was ok, then another scan with the NHS at 9 weeks to find out my official dates. It was so lovely watching our little noodle grow. 

We did the ‘announcement’ when I turned 12 weeks on Facebook and surprisingly nobody was shocked. Anyone that knows me knows all I’ve ever wanted to do is be a Mummy. 

Announcing my pregnancy rekindled some old friendships that has fizzled out over the years and one of the girls has become one of my closest friends throughout my pregnancy and bringing up Atty. 

Fast forward to the June, I was in the second trimester and we were moving house! Not very good when you can’t really lift boxes (or help in any way because I was shattered!). Thankfully we were only moving about 100 yards up the road but we still had to move EVERYTHING. 

That night we climbed into bed after a very long day. Little did we know the bed hadn’t been put together properly. 

That was petrifying while I was asleep. It was a very rude awakening! I was so scared that something could have happened to the baby (paranoia again) thankfully everything was ok! 

That was the first ‘big stress’ completed while I was pregnant. Next was the wedding. I wound myself up so much about every single detail plus pregnancy emotions I was not a very nice person to be around (sorry Will!). 

Our wedding day came and it was the most beautiful (but tiring) day, not being able to drink was weird. Especially when the people around me were drinking. I remember having a glass of champagne given to me for the toast. I had a sip then imagined my baby in my tummy rolling around drunk and couldn’t take another sip! Lemonade for the rest of the night for mummy! 

We were meant to go to New York and Saint Lucia for our honeymoon. However that had to be cancelled due to the Zika virus. We decided a cruise around the Med would be best. For anyone planning a cruise when pregnant remember sea sickness is a thing and it’s 100% worse when there’s a foreign body swishing around in your body too! We still had a brilliant time and I’d love to do it again! 

Thankfully the rest of the pregnancy was stress free! I absolutely loved being pregnant. Even in the last two weeks when I was overdue. It was a beautiful experience and maybe one day I’ll do it all again! 

Beautiful pink bathroom suite right?!

Thanks for reading! 

Next up my birth story!

A x 


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