My other passion 

So I thought I’d take a step away from the Mummy blogging (just for this one post, I can’t not talk about the baby. Let’s face it, the world revolves around him) and talk about my other passion in life, my job. 

As you may, or may not, know I am a qualified Learning Disability Nurse. 

Since I can remember I have always wanted to help people who can’t necessarily help themselves. When I was at school from the age of 15 I took part in a summer camp called ‘kids camp’ where approximately 10 autistic children from London came to stay at my school and we were ‘paired up’ to spend time with them and get to know them. I look back at this time with such fond memories; and I still remember the name of every child I was paired with. 

When starting sixth form I loved maths and wanted to pursue a mechanical engineering career. But in my heart I knew that this wasn’t the way I really wanted to go. 

I then had a parents evening with my Mum and Dad and I can remember the car journey home them asking me what I wanted to do. I just remember saying ‘I want to help people’. So, when applying for my uni I applied for special needs teaching. 

Then, as with anything, life got in the way. I didn’t put enough effort into my A levels and ended up not getting into uni. I’m a strong believer in everything happens for a reason and I look back now and i’m so grateful that I didn’t get in. I don’t think I could be a teacher in this day and age. Hats off to all the teachers out there. 

I made the decision to take a year out of uni, my dad had just had a motorbike accident which resulted in him breaking his spine so I thought I’d spend the year with him. I started applying for learning disability nursing to start in 2011. My mum and I went to the university of Huddersfield open day to see if I wanted to apply. I loved it and knew I wanted to apply there. I thought there was no harm in asking so I spoke to one of the lecturers to see if there were any spaces for that year. She said there weren’t but she took my number and name and said she’d call if anything changed. I think a week went by and I got a phone call on the Friday asking if I was able to start on Monday! A lot of frantic packing and applying for housing and the Sunday night I was on my way up for my new adventure! 

My wall at uni to make me feel at home
I qualified as an RNLD in 2013 and i’m so grateful life went this way. 

So what do learning disability nurses do? 

Contrary to popular belief we are ‘real nurses’ and we can do whatever any other nurse can do! I have friends who work in mental health teams, children’s hospices, NHS acute wards, elderly people homes, community teams, managing residential homes, the list goes on. We advocate for those who may not have capacity to speak up for themselves. We ensure that they are treated equally and their rights are upheld just like every other person on the planet. We promote independence and choice.  We also complete hands on care, working with tracheostomies, PEG feeding tubes, suctioning, and general personal care. We complete assessments, write care plans and risk assessments. But above all, we care. 

In the future I would love to work for the CQC (the people who inspect homes to ensure they are caring for people appropriately). But for now I am happy where I am. 

Sorry for the different post, baby spam will resume as usual very soon! 

A x


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