Day 2 of the 31 day blog challenge- 20 things about me

I have actually already completed this over on my Instagram. And since there really aren’t that many interesting things about me i’m going to repost those 20 but will embellish since this is a more word friendly platform. 

1. Since being at school I’ve always wanted to work with people with learning disabilities. I qualified as a learning disability nurse in 2013

You probably know that about me if you’ve read my previous post on my job (you can read it here). 

2. Now i’m a mummy my dream job is to be a stay at home mum

Pretty self explanatory. I love my son and I want to stay at home with him all the time. 

3. When I was around 5 I bit straight through my lip and needed 13 stitches  

There are photos somewhere. I wanted to walk along a bench. My dad said I shouldn’t. I did anyway. He refused to hold my hand and the rest is history. 

4. I’ve always only wanted one child…now i’m not so sure

My whole life I’ve said I only want one. I’m an only child and have never felt duped. However when I think I might never be pregnant again it makes my heart hurt. 

5. The name Atlas popped into my head whilst I was high on morphine after my emergency csection. He was actually called Henry for the first 12 hours of his life

He was called Henry for a very long time before he was born too. When Will left the hospital after he was born he was Henry. He came in the next day and I announced he was called Atlas. Artemis was a strong contender too. 

6. Once I was sent home after having Atty I hallucinated he was a girl for the first 2 days and called him Georgie. 

Again, i’m pretty sure this was the bottle of morphine the hospital sent home with me. 

7. My husband and my mum are my best friends

Forever and always. 

8. I’ve applied to be on deal or no deal but got rejected 👎🏻

Probably because these were the rubbish ‘interesting facts’ I provided! 

9. I overthink everything and get quite bad anxiety (e.g. Will is 5 mins late from work so he must be dead)

This is something i’m learning to handle. My Mum is a champion of mindfulness and i’m trying to take it on board and adopt the principles. 

10. I look forward to watching people’s insta stories when I get into bed- they’re like mini tv shows 

It’s scary how much of an addiction it’s becoming! I’m so nosey. 

11. I tend to idolise people and then want to be exactly like them. Will hates that I do this 🙈

I even sometimes end up talking like people I admire. It’s weird. No one likes a weirdo. 

12. I have trophies in my games room from target shooting- I wasn’t too bad!

You all know you want to be my friend in a zombie apocalypse. 

13. I was head girl at my primary school (also the only girl)

There were also only 9 people in my class and 40 people in the whole school. But still. I loved the power of ringing that bell when break time was over. 

14. I can play the piano 

I have done since I was 7. 

15. I trust my husband 100% and know he would never do anything to hurt me 

Call me foolish, but I still think this is true. He wouldn’t ever intentionally hurt me. Maybe without thinking though. 

16. My mum and Dad and step dad are all really close friends who regularly see each other regardless of me being there or not 

My Dad went to my Mums wedding. Although he did draw the line at walking her down the eisle. 

17. I own more pyjamas than actual clothes 

They’re comfy. So sue me. 

18. I have 4 tattoos 

An elephant on my left ankle, a music note on my right ankle, ‘be the change’ on my left wrist and ‘love’ in Arabic on the back of my neck (I want that one removed)

19. I was 22 weeks pregnant when we got married (both things were planned) 

The only regret I have is not being able to toast our wedding and take full advantage of the all inclusive cruise we went on. 

20. I put a thick layer of sudocreme on my face every night

Apparently it helps with spots. I’m too scared to stop! 
So that’s it! Day two completed! 

Thanks for reading 

A x


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