Day 5 of the 31 day blogger challenge- 10 songs I love right now 

I skipped yesterday’s challenge day as I felt it wouldn’t be appropriate talking about my worst fears when such tragedy hit our country. Mainly because anything happening to my family is my worst fear, as i’m sure it is for everyone else. And yesterday, some people’s worst fear happened; and I can’t even put into words how that would make me feel. 

However, we cannot let terror take over. We need to fight with love and kindness and show these arseholes that they won’t win. 

So here we are, my 10 songs I love right now (this post will show how little i’m ‘down with the kids’) 

  1. Stevie Wonder- You Are the Sunshine of my Life  This is the song I sing to Atty most days when we’re dancing around the kitchen. It makes him laugh, which in turn makes me laugh. 
  2. Frozen- Love is an Open Door I’ve always been a Disney fan, and although I can’t say I was massively into the Frozen hype Will and I have learnt this song word for work and sing our own parts (we’re such losers) 
  3. Ulysses Wells- Taste It this isn’t a plug I genuinely like this song. I went to school with this guy and this is his debut single and it’s really good. You should listen to it. This is the link. 
  4. Old MacDonalds Farm this one has to be in there purely because it seems to be the only song in the world that will stop Atty from crying
  5. John Legend- Stay with you. Our first dance, it will always mean a lot to me 
  6. Ed Sheeran- Nancy Mulligan. It’s got a good beat and a nice story 
  7. Les Mis- Look Down. Again because Will and I sing our own seperate parts (again losers) 
  8. Barbara Streisand- No More Tears because we all need a good ballad to belt out every now and then 
  9. Lucy Spraggen- Tea and Toast it always brings a tear to my eye 
  10. Tangled- Mother knows best my all time favourite Disney film and the title is the most honest statement I have ever read (plus Atty loves it when I do the voice) 

Ok that’s it! That was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. Turns out that when you have a baby you stop listening to the radio and start listening to nursery rhymes. I’m making a mental note to listen to the radio more because it’s something I used to love and I don’t want to lose touch with myself! 

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow! 

A x


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