Day 6- your 5 senses right now

I guess this one is open to interpretation a little bit? 

I’m just going to tell you what is going on with my 5 senses right now, probably won’t be a long post since i’m in bed! 

Sight– I can currently see Atty asleep next to me in his cot, the foot of my bed and some pictures on the wall that I put up last week. They are so wonky it’s laughable; unfortunately DIY is not my strong point. I basically just got a hammer and three nails and banged then into the wall and hoped they would be straight.  It did. Not. Work! (Excuse the awful photo the room is semi dark so I needed to use the flash) 

Hear- I can hear the birds tweeting outside the window and cars driving past. Every single window in the house is open to try and get some air circulating because it’s so hot! I can also hear the white noise emitting from the My Hummy that arrived yesterday. 

Taste- toothpaste. Very dull! But dental hygiene isn’t something to be joked about. 

Touch- honestly? I just feel super sweaty! The monitor is saying that it’s 28degrees in here. The air feels thick it’s so hot! I’m hoping the temperature drops a bit during the night. Mr K insists on keeping the duvet on the bed rather than just a sheet because he ‘likes the heaviness’ of the duvet. Fool. 

Smell- due to a cold that i’m slowly getting over I can’t smell a damn thing! But if I could I imagine it would be a damp dog smell I could smell due to Pascal deciding to take a dip in the water earlier today. 

That’s it! Really short and sweet today. 

I booked our first ever Center Parks holiday today and i’m so excited! If anyone has any recommendations of what to do let me know! We’re going to Sherwood Forest. 

See you tomorrow! 

A x


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