31 Day Challenge- Day 7&8

UH OH I missed yesterday! I had such a lovely day in the park with my NCT friends (Muffin Top Mummy– check her out!) that when I got home I was so hot and exhausted that I fell asleep with the baby at 8pm!

So you get two days in one today. Lucky you!

Day 7 was my pet hates.

I don’t really feel like I have any so I had to ask the husband what they were as I’m sure he gets the brunt of the things that I hate. Turns out he can’t think of any really either. Clearly i’m just all about the love! Kidding of course. What he actually came up with was ‘you hate it when I fart and think i’m funny’- I dont really see that as a pet hate though. Plus, I don’t hate it I just dont think its spit out my coffee, wee my pants, funny. I then said ‘I dont like it when people use the wrong your/you’re or there/their/they’re’ but got told (by Mr K) that that makes me sound pretentious plus when I have grammar like mine I can’t judge others (thanks hubby! I love you too).
I do hate it when people park in the mother and baby spaces and don’t have a child with them. In fact, yesterday when i was in Saino’s a bloody mini bus full of sixth formers and their teacher pulled into one! I appreciate that they may be considered children, however, that IS NOT what those spaces are for! I couldn’t give a tinkers how close they are to the shops, I just want to be able to get my pram out of the car without the fear of slamming my dented, dusty door into the Aston Martin next to me (HA, as if I’d ever park next to an Aston Martin, I’d be too scared to breath on it! Aston Martin if you’re reading I’d love a little DB9 to cart Atty around in!).

OH! Another pet hate of mine is SUNDAY DRIVERS, those people who always seem to venture out on a Sunday and drive at 40mph everywhere, or just swerve around the road getting in everyone’s way.

I’m on a roll now; people who don’t say ‘thank you’ when you hold the door open for them. A bit of politeness never killed anyone.

I think I’m going to leave that one there as I can genuinely feel myself getting wound up and no-one wants that on a Saturday afternoon.

Day 8 is whats in my handbag. This will be mostly photos as that’s a lot easier than trying to describe things.

First off I remember a time when my handbag was actually mine and not filled with baby paraphenalia and style was chosen over functionality. Those were the days.  

Oh so stylish!

A photo book that I printed off two months ago for my Grandma in Cornwall that I STILL haven’t posted.
General crap I don’t need. That is a wet wipe that has dried out, and God knows what those Nuby instructions are for
Since weaning Atty we’ve started to try him on a bit of water, especially in this hot weather. He loves this cup!
Suntan lotion, a must have in Mummy’s bag at the moment! Especially when your baby is a baldy.
Our Eco by Naty nappies (You can ready why we have gone eco here). And a swim nappy since you never know where the day will take you!
An EMPTY sunglasses case…i’m still looking for those!
Teething gel and a teething ring from Mummy and Austins Boutique. Essential for a 5 month old with peggies coming through.
A babygrow and vest as if you’re in a situation where a full outfit change is needed, cute clothes go out the window!
Numerous bibs, again, essential for a teething dribbley baby!
I like carrying an Ella’s Kitchen pouch around in case we stay out of the house longer than intended and cross over a meal time!
Old receipts and an odd sock that doesn’t fit any more (this is in the bin now)
My water bottle to remind myself to drink more.

These are used for everything from cleaning bums to wiping down the car dashboard.
Ted! For naptime cuddles while we are out.
Last but not least! Muslins for mopping up all the spills of a weaning, sicky, milky baby.

That’s all folks!

See you again tomorrow (probably)

A x


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