31 Day Challenge- Day 9 My Worst Habits

Bare with me on this post as I’m writing it on my new chromebook in the dark with the baby sleeping next to me but it doesn’t have a lit keyboard so completely relying on my touch typing!

My worst habits- this is another one I may need to get Mr K.’s help on!

Actually now I think about it I have quite a few! Although I feel like some of these are ‘normal’ and most people do them but don’t admit it.

I can’t help but pick things that I shouldn’t, like scabs, blisters, I have this lump on my arm that I pick at ALL the time. I guess you could class that as a bad habit, Mr K. gets really annoyed when I do it.

I am one of those people who puts dirty washing next to the washing basked rather than in it. Unfortunately, Mr K. is also a person like this. Our dressing room literally has clothes strewn all over it. I’m ashamed. For the purpose of honesty on my blog I will take a photo. I would say don’t judge me but I judge me.

Another one that annoys Mr K. quite a lot is referring to myself as ‘the fat bitch’. I don’t feel like I’m being mean about myself, it’s more of a term of endearment.

I get road rage, even when I’m not in a rush to get somewhere. I need to chill out. Especially as Atty get’s older, as i’m sure he will pick up on my colourful language.

I don’t know if you’d class this as a bad habit, but I definitely do. I eat when I’m not hungry. This is something I really need to work on if i’m planning on ever being smaller than what I am now.

Ok I think I’m going to stop now! I’m going down a slippery slope of pointing out all my flaws and I’d still like people to think i’m a semi-ok person by the end of this post!

See you tomorrow my dears!

A x


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