31 Day Challenge- Day 11- 15 of my favourite things

I vetoed yesterday’s topic as I didn’t like it. Although i’m trying to embrace my body after it made a baby i’m still not quite ready to write a whole blog post about my best physical feature.

Today, however, is a topic I will enjoy writing about. 15 of my favourite things. Some of these will be very obvious, and some probably cliche. But oh well, such is life!

Here we go! In no particular order:

  1. My little boy- my absolute pride and joy, he is definitely one of my most favourite things in the whole world.
  2. My husband- life would just be a little bot (A LOT) less bright without him in it
  3. My Doggy (Pascal)- I feel like he’s not had enough credit on this blog, he was my baby before Atty came along. He is still referred to as Atlas’s brother.
  4. My phone- I kind of wish it wasn’t so integral to my life, but I think I’d feel lost without it even for one day
  5. My car- not so much the actual car but the freedom that it brings
  6. My Mum- she’s the first person I call when anything happens in my life. Now that I’ve had my own baby it makes me cherish her even more and appreciate everything she has done for me
  7. My Dads- I feel like i could cheat and use these as two separate things, and i should because they are two separate entities but they are both equally important to me and I wouldn’t want one to be placed ‘above’ the other on a list!
  8. My wedding & engagement rings- they just look so pretty!
  9. Chocolate– I am a woman, therefore liking chocolate is my prerogative
  10. My photos – each one brings back their own memories, I’m very grateful that my parents took quite a few photos of me growing up, and now I’m doing the same for Atty
  11. Mint Green- my favourite colour and the colour of our bridesmaid dresses
  12. Elephants- my favourite animal, I have a tattoo of one on my ankle
  13. My friends- from my longest friend who I’ve known my whole life to my newest friends from my NCT course. I’m very lucky to have such a lovely support network around me.
  14. My tripod- this is a new addition to my life, but i’m loving being able to have full family photos without one of us having to stand behind the camera
  15. Tangled- my favourite film and where we got Pascal’s name from

That’s all folks!

Tune in tomorrow for my earliest memory! Might even get the old baby videos out for this one.

Lots of love!

A x


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