31 Day Blogger Challenge- Day 12 What’s Inside your Fridge?

Hi Everyone!

I had to send Mr K. downstairs to take a photo of the fridge to see what was in it. The short answer is, NOT A LOT! We’re going away for a few days tomorrow so we have eaten most things.

He took a picture for me, so here you go:


Top Shelf: A berry Bulmers cider, a garlic bread, philadelphia cheese and some cheddar

Second Shelf: Butterpak, an Archers WooWoo, Mayo, yogurts and some pineapple fingers

First draw: Two packets of bacon

Second draw: Organic apples and cauliflower

In the door: very old mustard, even older jam (x2), burger sauce, BBQ sauce, VERY VERY old Pimms and lemonade, pesto, one of Mr K’s friends’ beers from when they stayed over, ketchup and oat milk.

That’s it! All Atty’s food is batch cooked and frozen in ice cube trays- please don’t report me to the social for lac of nutrients haha.

As i said we’re going away tomorrow, I will probably take my Chromebook with me and try to continue this challenge. But if not i’ll speak to you on Sunday!

A x


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