31 Day Blog Challenge- Kind of?

Hi Friends!

I’ve decided to ditch the 31 day blog challenge officially and just chose certain titles from the challenge to write about instead. I found some of the topics a bit pointless to actually blog about (I mean who seriously wants to see inside my fridge?)

One of the topics though was ‘If I won the lottery’. This is something Mr K. and I talk about regularly so I thought I may as well write it down (its more of a to do list for WHEN we win, its inevitable right?!)

The first thing we decided on was whether we would ‘go public’ or not. Whilst I have always been pro telling the world before Atty was born, I am now against it. It scares me to think that someone could kidnap him for ransom (Taken style).

giphy (1)

Then, depending on how much we won we would pay off all of our family’s mortgages and debts so they all had a clean slate and work out how much money we would ‘gift’ them and our friends.

We’ve always said if we won A LOT of money we would buy a massive field and build about 10 houses on it so all of our nearest and dearest could all live together on the same complex and use segways to get around (we’re already well rehearsed at that after our Segway experiences 2 years ago!)


I have always wanted to set up my own Children’s Hospice; so I would definitely do that and, although I wouldn’t be ‘working’ there as such I would be very hands on.

We would then probably go on holiday (we’d have to charter a private jet so Pascal could sit with us) and relax for a few weeks.

I would like to give some to the charity that I currently work for too as they will always be close to my heart.


We’d probably get a few cars too, but other than that we’d probably go around our lives as usual! How dull! I would say we would go travelling but I just love our doggy too much for that!

Tata for now!

A x


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