The Importance of Me Time

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, being back at work full time and having an 8 month old that refuses to sleep is starting to take its toll *yawn*.

Today I thought I would write about the importance of having a bit of time to yourself. I know what you’re thinking fellow Mummies, ‘time to MYSELF?! What’s THAT?!’. Whether it’s 10 minutes extra time on the toilet watching your favourite Instagram stories (THIS woman is HILARIOUS) or taking a whole day to focus on yourself, it’s super important that we get time to be selfish once in a while.

I know being ‘Mum’ is a full-time occupation, whether you stay at home or work full-time. You never stop being ‘Mum’. However, underneath being ‘Mum’ you are also a person. SHOCK HORROR! An actual real person, with real feelings and a REAL need to rest. And not a guilt ridden rest when you’re actually panicking about the washing that needs doing, or whether the baby is pining after you since you’ve left him with his VERY capable father for the afternoon (after-all his Daddy doesn’t have functional boobies). That last one might just be me.

Every person has a way of de-stressing, and I have found that when we become mothers we decide to put that de-stresser to one side to focus on ‘more important’ things. Now don’t get me wrong, my Son’s needs will ALWAYS come before my own, if he needs something he will get it regardless of what I have to sacrifice. And that’s not me being special, of all the mothers I have come across they are all the same. However, we really shouldn’t forget who we used to be and how we used to de-stress, because, at the end of the day a relaxed mother is a better mother.

For me, pre-Atty days, my de-stresser would ALWAYS have been online shopping. The feeling of getting packages through the post without the hassle of having to actually go to a shop was a thrill. However, with a new baby and my household dropping to one income now that Mr K. is looking after Atty that has, unfortunately, gone out of the window. For now. My other de-stresser was painting my nails. Having perfectly manicured fingers made me feel confident and dare I say it, girly. This is something I let slip when Atty was first born as who has the time for nail painting when you have a screaming bundle of joy to care for?

So when, Laila offered to send me some Jamberry nails I jumped at the chance! Perfectly manicured nails without worrying about chipping? Sign me up! She gave me the challenge of wearing her Jamberry wraps on one finger of each hand and my usual nail varnish on the other fingers to see how the nails compared to standard nail varnish. And the results have been great! The actual wraps were easy to put on and only took about 5 minutes to put on both, so I would guess it would take approx 20 mins to put on a full set- slightly different to my 2 hours I used to set aside to do my nails pre-baby! (There is more info of how to apply here). I was honestly sceptical about the wraps, thinking I would catch them or get impatient and peel them off mid way through the week but once I’d forgotten they were there it just felt like i was wearing normal nail varnish.

I’ll let the results speak for themselves:


I will definitely be purchasing some nail wraps for the future, allowing myself some time to apply them (maybe even with a cheeky glass of vino) and having a glimpse of the old me back.

Speak soon!
A x


Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are herein my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/ or it’s affiliates, in any way.


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